Quality Villa with Outbuildings in Beautiful Garden.


Stylish romantic house For Sale.

Stylish bungalow and outbuildings for sale. Located at the attractive Barra do Gil, adjoining the prestigious area of Penha. This is a very cozy, romantic and comfortable property at approximately 400 meters from a beautiful beach.

The property is attractively fenced, where, when one walks in through a pretty designed gate, a beautiful garden with flowering plants and various fruit trees reveals itself. The main house with terrace and stylish barbeque grill offers a large sitting room, two bed rooms with there own bath rooms and a large dining kitchen.

In the garden a two story guesthouse on its own footprint, rendering four (4) complete apartments and a detached house, in use for a housekeeper. In addition there is an attractive voiliere for tropical birds.

Total roofed footprints are 230 sqm on a terrain of 1,500 sqm. The property is fully equiped for sale. 

Property value: R$ 500,000