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Itaparica Island. Great Villa, right on the beach.

Beachfront Villa Itaparica, Salvador

Itaparica. Quality Sheltered Villa near the beach.

Sheltered Villa, Itaparica Island, offered by Property Bahia Brazil

Real Estate Broker on Itaparica for Property Bahia BrazilProperty Bahia Brazil Services.

Hello, my name is Joaquim Cardoso Barreto.

I am a registered Brazilian Real Estate Broker, licensed under CRECI-BA Nr. 7356, specialized in regards to rendering real estate services within the area of Salvador, especially on the beautiful Itaparica Island where I live.

My profession makes that I meet many people from all over the world with a desire to buy or sell a paradise home on Itaparica Island. This tropical island with its beautiful beaches is situated just across Salvador de Bahia, the former Capital City of Brazil. My property services cover the greater Salvador area since Itaparica is a part thereof. The area is famous for its cultural and architectural heritage of the colonial 'golden age' of Portugal.

Most people hire me for a long term. This is due to ethic, love for the profession of broker and dedication in finding solutions for my clients. I will proof my clients that I am worthy to receive trust as a top priority. My real estate broker job felt like a hobby and was the reason for early retirement as a bank manager.

Over the years I found co-operation with several independent and reliable real estate professionals in order to broaden real estate offerings. So, if you don't find what you are looking for on this site, feel free to consult me. I am happy to inform and advise you. No obligations.

Property Services:

  • Real Estate Sales
  • Valuations
  • Administration and general management

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Fazenda For Sale

Fun in a waterfall26 ha of lush nature that guarantees a place of peace and quiet which is not too far from a series of beautiful beaches. Great for a nice day out, short stay or an organised tour to explore this very interesting area.

Development Plan on Itaparica Island For Sale.
Development plan on Itaparica For Sale: 3,2ha tropical woodland, facing the atlantic ocean. An architectural plan for 82 housing units is available with this offer. Click image for more info.